Mary Kay – The 20 + 20 +24 Challenge

ImageI am trying hard to get my Mary Kay business to grow.  I have some ideas (in my head) on how to do it but my “real job” sucks up a lot of my time. My Mary Kay support team (I rather call them that than my Mary Kay sisters)  have encouraged me to take the 20 + 20 + 24 challenge to get a boost.  I put the following message together and sent them to women who I think may actually benefit from the products.
I’m posting this here  for all you Mary Kay ladies that may be looking for a similar boost and want to take the challenge.If your not a Mary Kay consultant then maybe you’d like to buy an item (shameless plug)

I have been given a Mary Kay Unit Challenge to sell $20 to 20 people in 24 hours! Orders must be received by midnight June 20th. I’m really trying to build my business and this will put me at the top of my unit.
Would you like a new lipstick, lip gloss?
What about Mascara?
Make up remover?
As the challenge is based on retail price, my current promotion of Kisses for Canada applies! In honor of Canada’s 146th birthday all lip products are $14.60.
You can also order Mascara at a buy 1 get one half off or Buy 2 and get one free!
Call, text or order online. You can also find me on Facebook
Please forward this e-mail to friends and family who love to look great and enjoy a good deal!
Thank you for your support,

Kisses for Canada Day


I’m running my first ever Canada Day Mary Kay special! In honour of Canada turning 146 years old,  all lip products are on sale until midnight on July 1st for $14.60.

Here are some pictures of the great products you can get:

Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick
Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick

True Dimensions Colour
True Dimensions Colour

Mary Kay

November 2012 – Ready for my 1st Party

I started my Mary Kay business in October of 2012. A very good friend of mine had been selling Mary Kay for about a year prior to me joining and it seemed like an easy way to make some extra cash. (did I mention I have 3 kids?) .

The premise of Mary Kay is that you get a bunch of women together, you show them how to use the Mary Kay products and voila you make the sale.  In its simplest form, it really is that easy.

The products I have tried have been great and the people I have met who once used Mary Kay are happy to order them again.  The challenge comes in booking the “parties”. Let me start by saying that I am a very social person, I love talking to people and absolutely love public speaking so this should not have been a problem for me right? WRONG!  As much as I love talking to people I don’t like to  “sell” and I feel uncomfortable asking people to host these parties. I have only had two parties since October (not good).

party set up with mirrors

I started to think to myself, what are the reasons that I would not want to have a party at my place and the answer is simple. Because I would have to clean the place up for guests to come  and then I would have to do the clean up once they left! I would also have to figure out what to do with the kids, the husband and the dog . At my first party my daughter and niece, both 2.5 years old took off with a lipstick and no one noticed until a fight broke out (over the said lipstick) and a little face full of lipstick came back crying.

I am now working on setting up virtual parties through video conference and perhaps offer a service to other women who may feel the same way I do.

I Love My Mary Kay