Grandpa and the War of 1812

Last Month I wrote about some of my favorite family quotes in Why a Unicorn is Better Than a Pony and so I have decided to start a reoccurring Blog post made up of Quotes of the Month. My kids are always saying all kinds of things that I think are worth noting somewhere and once in a while I’ll even catch myself saying something to the kids that sound absolutely ridiculous.
So here we are. Below you will find the top quotes said by my family in the month of July.

1. We’re not wrestling. We’re hugging on the floor- The Plan_ in response to my ”STOP WRESTLING!” when I heard a commotion upstairs.
2. “Is that the war grandpa fought in?” – The Life_ as my husband talked to the boys about the war of 1812
3. “If you make me yell at you I’m going to kill you!” _ Me to the boys as they were getting “restless” in a hotel room we had been stuck in all day and I was ten days into my Orange Rhino Challenge.

This next one a small excerpt of a conversation between The Plan and The Life at the dinner table when the topic turned to how babies are made:

The Life – “So do they have to take their clothes off?”
The Plan – “This is what I don’t get. They don’t have to but they choooose to.
Technically they only have to take off their pants.

Join me again next month when one of my kids will say “blahblah blahblah blah
blah blah” (anyone out there know where that’s from?)

Why is a Unicorn Better Than a Pony?

They say kids say the darndest things. Over the past few weeks I have definitely heard my share so here are the top three quotes from my kids over the past 30 days.

  1. “I’m not a know it all. I’m just better than everyone else at the things I do.” – My eldest explaining why his friend is a know it all  but he’s not.
  2. “I’ll take a Unicorn because they poop out candy” – My younger son explaining why unicorns are better than a pony.
  3. “My daddy takes long in the bathroom because he has a really big penis so it takes him longer to pee.” – My baby girl randomly to her grandma over a snack.