A.K.A Surprise!

Ever since I started writing this blog I have been stumped for “blog names” for my kids. I think the use of nicknames is important as one day our children will probably not appreciate the stories we share about them (because they are all true) and I know that for me, my oldest son, although he’s my biggest fan, has at times edited my writing where he thought he was being misrepresented.

Right now when I write about them I refer to them as My oldest, My middle son and either The girl or my Baby girl. I don’t like that naming convention for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t do their individuality any justice
  2. It’s boring

As I read other family blogs there are all kinds of awesome names that have been given to the kids such as Thing 1 and Thing 2, Slim, and my favorite Fireball. These names help paint a picture, they build character and are just plain fun.  So my goal for the rest of this week is to come up with some names.

I did have one idea but my husband thought it may cause permanent damage to the kids, The idea was this:

  1. My 10 year old would be  ” The Plan”
  2. My 9 year old would be ” Surprise”
  3. My 3 year old would simply be “Oops!”

What do you think? Too honest?