7 Things That Happen When Mom Gets Rest

I have been fighting off a virus for a couple of weeks now. It was probably at its peak at the same time I was planning for Baby Girls birthday party.  Right after the party, I was left completely wiped out. I was exhausted. Constantly exhausted. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and going back to sleep is all I could think about during the day.

I finally went to a Walk In Clinic because I just knew there had to be something wrong with me. After I was examined I was told. “it’s just a virus, drink lots of liquids and get some rest”.




I wasn’t even sure what rest would look like?

I still had to get myself to work, I still had to take care of the kids, so where exactly would rest fit into that equation? I went on with my life assuming that I would start feeling better. After about 4 more days where I just couldn’t shake the exhaustion I went to my family doctor because surely there had to be something wrong with me. By this point I thought there had to be something seriously wrong with me because this exhaustion was comparable to having a new born in the house, I not only felt physically tired but my mind seemed to be in a fog. After I was examined and asked a million question by my doctor I was again told that it was a virus and I should drink lots of liquids and get as much rest as possible.

This time I went to MrLibertyDee for help because I really, truly, most sincerely had no idea how to get rest.

SO here is what happened:

We ordered takeout every night, I sat on the couch after dinner and watched TV with the kids,  and I got to bed by 10:00pm. Within 3 Days I was feeling substantially better, still tired but it was my regular “I’m up too early and commuting” tired.  So it worked right?  Well..as you know for every action there is and equal and opposite reaction and in this case specifically, it’s the  reaction to my lack of action.

Here’s what happened when mom got some rest:

  1. Baby Girl couldn’t be a rock star for “future job” day because her sparkly skirt is nowhere to be found
  2. The Plan and The Life argued about whose shirt was whose because laundry had not been put away
  3. Mom went to work in a skirt she had forgotten she had. Initially happy to have found something clean only to find out that the reason the skirt hadn’t been worm in a long time was because the slit in the back had split so high she could have received a citing for indecent exposure.
  4. There are napkins by the bathroom sink because toilet paper has not been purchased
  5. Our dog Molly is eating left overs because we are out of dog food (not that she’s complaining)
  6. The kids got hotdogs and dry Lucky Charms for lunch because that’s all the groceries we have
  7. The budget went out the window with money spent on Pizza, Chinese food and roasted chickens from the grocery store

Next time a doctor tells me to get some rest I’m going to make sure they write me up a prescription for a cleaner, a cook, a nanny and a personal shopper.