What coffee Addiction ?

I love coffee. I really love coffee. I had never realized how much coffee I drank until my doctor asked how may cups I drank daily and I stopped to do the count.

  1. When I wake up
  2. On the train on the way to work
  3. One at the office as I check email
  4. Right after lunch
  5. With my mid afternoon snack
  6. Right after dinner
  7. While watching TV.

I have also been  known to bring a cup up to bed with me on occasion.  I love the smell of coffee and I love the feeling of a warm cup between my hands. And on reflection, I’ve always gone to great lengths to get my morning coffee ( refer to Floor Mats and Coffee).

The first thing I taught The Plan to make in the kitchen was a cup coffee which makes all the parenting frustration worth it. He’s the one who makes me my morning coffee and then after dinner makes coffee for both  Mr.LibertyDee and I.

The Plan had started bugging me and asking to drink coffee himself but after turning him down a few times he tried a different tactic, he came to me saying that because he is part Colombian,  it is in his blood, a “basic instinct” to drink coffee. I laughed and told him, “Its’ not in your blood to drink coffee it’s in your blood to grow coffee. If you want to spend the summer at your uncles Jose’s farm helping him pick coffee beans just let me know and I’ll make the arrangements.”  You should have seen the look on his face, but that was the end of that. He hasn’t asked since. For the record, we don’t have a cousin Jose and all Colombians aren’t coffee growers / drinkers but he doesn’t know that (yet).

I have tried to cut down on the coffee a few times but I have finally come to terms that my love of coffee and yes some will call it an addiction is not something I want to change.  I moderate my sugar intake, my alcohol consumption, how much fat I eat and make sure I exercise regularly. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to keep track of all that? Adding coffee limits to that list would just be too much.



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