Mission: Birthday Party – Part 1

I don’t like to think of myself as a procrastinator, instead I see myself as working well under pressure, thriving in a fast paced environment and a just in time opportunist. This time however, Baby Girl’s birthday has snuck up on me and because she’s turning 5, and is old enough to have opinions about her birthday party, she has been talking about it for months. And for months I have been agreeing to her suggestions.

“Sure we can invite all of your friends”

“Sure we can have rock star birthday theme”

“Sure we can have balloons”

“Sure we can have a Frozen cake”

“Sure we can have a bouncy castle”


It felt like there was so much time to plan, so much time to get the whole thing together, so much time to make this the perfect 5th birthday…until this week I realized that the birthday party was 14 days away and I hadn’t planned a thing. The only thing I had done in advance was that I had asked Baby Girl’s teacher for a list of all the kids in the class so that I would  know who the invitations would be made out to, but I hadn’t really looked at the list in too much detail. When I realized I now had to move into planning mode, the first thing I did was look at the list to see how many invitations were needed.

I needed to get those invitations out ASAP and then we could figure out the rest. However , when I looked at the list I noticed that there were 27 kids in her class. There is no way I could invite 27 kids. What if they all came? Where would I put them? How would I entertain 27 kids?  I had originally contemplated having the party anywhere but our place but now I was stuck because there was no time to do all the necessary due diligence to book a place . The invitations, including a location, had to go out NOW.

Mr. LibertyDee came to rescue and suggested we have a princess themed birthday, only invite the girls in the class, and ask them all to come dressed up or they could borrow one from Bay Girl’s extensive gown collection (she once left 3 gowns at a friend’s cottage and didn’t even notice) .

I whipped up some invitations using PowerPoint with some princess pictures; got them printed and had them in Baby Girls backpack with 12 days to go ‘till the party.  Now, did I mention that there are 15 girls in Baby Girls class and that once you add in close friends and family I will be expecting 20 4-8 year old girls at my house? And that,  as of this very moment I have no clue how I’m going to keep them entertained?

Stay tuned as Mission: Birthday Party continues.


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