That Cookie is How Much?!?

There are an endless and shall I say needless number of chocolatiers and gourmet bakeries in the Toronto underground. I usually just walk past and marvel that there are line ups to buy $6 chocolate bars, $5 cupcakes and $12 candy apples. That was NOT a typo; yes there are $12 candy apples.

Today, I don’t know what came over me but I entered a new store that had quite a large selection of pastries, cookies and chocolates.  I slowly perused the glass display cases that looked more like they should be encasing diamonds than cake. The slices of cake, tarts and pastries were beautifully crafted and looked very tasty. For an instant I thought about buying one and then noticed they ranged from $7 to $12 (for one). Nope. No way. I should not be eating the stuff anyway and no way was I going to spend that much when there wouldn’t even be enough to share with the kids.

I kept walking and came to a display of “cookies” turns out they were macaroons but "cookies"to the untrained eye they just looked like cookies. This display was absolutely beautiful too with cookies in all colours of the rainbow with all sorts of exotic flavours and names.  I decided I would bring some home for the family. The kids are not vey adventurous with exotic flavours so I ordered 1 vanilla, 3 chocolate and 2 cappuccino(for Mr. LibertyDee and I) I had originally ordered 5 but the girl talked me into the additional one as to avoid the tax. So all in all I ordered 6 “cookies”

“That will be $13.60” Again, that is NOT a typo. Yes. $13.60 for 6 cookies. I know that I probably could have refused to buy them or perhaps I should have checked the price before committing to make the investment but I felt I was at the point of no return and politely paid for my “cookies”.

So here I now sit writing this on the train on my way home and my mind keep going back to the cookies I have been carrying oh so carefully so they don’t get squished and my mind keeps thinking “those better be some F&*%$g darn good cookies.”

The question is, do I want to share these cookies with the kids?  Do I take the risk? Not because I want to keep them for myself or that I don’t think the kids deserve to indulge in some expensive cookies but what I’m afraid of is that they are going to put their sticky hands all over the cookie, take one bite and then yell ’’ugh gross” while they slobber the piece in their mouth all over the piece left in their hand rendering the cookie inedible by anyone.

Alas I’m about to find out.


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