Who Do You Love?

Last night I  watched this video that is making the rounds on Facebook by Jimmy Kimmel. The premise is that families are stopped on the street and young children are asked who they love more. Mommy or Daddy? In most cases they choose mom. In the cases were they choose dad they are asked a subsequent question about if they had to choose something  “bad” to happen to one of them who would they pick and those same kids save their moms and let the dad take the fall.

I shared the video with my boys and they thought it was funny. We’ve had the who do you love more topic come up before and it always differs. It depends on which parent has been the nicest that particular week. It’s funny though because in our family although I’m the one that yells the most and the loudest I’m still considered the “nice one” (most of the time)

I though the concept of who they would pick to have something bad happen too was kind of funny but since I didn’t want to make it too morbid I asked “If only one grown up could have Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) tonight who would you choose?” Now let me explain that the fact we were having KFC is a very rare thing in our house and the kids have had it maybe twice in their lifetime so it’s considered a big deal.

Baby Girl immediately says that dad is probably ordering a lot and there will be a lot for everyone. The Life chooses dad to eat the KFC (I’d like to think that he chose dad because he knows how unhealthy it is and does not want his mommy subjected to such a bad nutritional choice..NOT).

The Plan however had a completely different approach, he chose to give the KFC to mom.  Yes me, moi, yo. That’s right my eldest chose me, his mommy.  My eldest will always want what’s best for me right? WRONG! When The Life suggested that he should choose dad instead on me, The Plan explained that the question was which GROWNUP could eat. This meant the kids were still eating and that dad eats too much and that mom probably wouldn’t want KFC anyway so there would be lots for him. You see, for The Plan it’s not about mom or dad it’s more about mom vs dad and his choice is based not on how his decision will impact mam and dad, but on how  the outcome will benefit him.

I think he’ll get far in life.

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