My Top Ten Completely Unexpected Benefits to Weight Loss

It’s been about a year now since I lost 50 pounds. I still have 20lbs to go but it seems the less I have to lose the harder it gets.  Since losing the weight I’ve seen a big difference in how I look and how I feel health wise. However, there are a few things I have experienced which I had not expected when I began my weight loss journey.

And so…….. here is my Top 10 list of completely unexpected benefits to losing weight.

10. Being able to see the tip of the bike seat during spinning class.

9. Fitting behind the kid’s seats at the dinner table when I serve the food.

8. Not having to hold up the ride at the amusement park while I figure out how to make the seatbelt bigger.

7. Help by strangers – this one makes me angry but I have noticed people tend to help me out more now that I am not as heavy.

6. Hanging around the house without needing to put a bra on. (No pun intended)

5. Parking in really tight spots and not having to manoeuvre myself out of in the passenger side.

4. Walking in my Velcro strapped shoes and not having them bust open as if I was transforming into the Hulk.

3.Taking my socks off without having to sit down.

2. Zipping up my knee high boots without breaking a sweat nor popping a blood vessel in my head.

AND The number 1 completely unexpected benefit to losing weight…

1. Running up the stairs in a skirt and not hearing the loud clap of my thighs slapping together. ( they still clap but its a polite “at the ballet” clap and no longer an “urging for an encore” at a rock concert clap.



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