Half Full

Ever since I wrote the blog about not having a bucket list, My Empty Bucket, I have started being more aware of the things I may want to do at some point. I also got a “talking to” from MrLibertyDee about how he found that post a real “downer” and that I have the bucket list concept all wrong. I decided to listen to him (he’ll be shocked to read that) So I have started thinking about the bucket list not so much from the “kicking the bucket” point of view but more like kicking a can down the street like I did as a kids just for fun.

Here is my list of things I have come up with so far that I would like to do at some point just for fun. In the spirit of keeping things positive I am not thinking about ti as my empty bucket but rater as my bucket being half full.

1. Pet a Horse – This should be relatively easy to do. I don’t have any desire to ride one but I would like get close to one and maybe pat it on the head orsomething.

2. Milk a Cow- Not sure how I would find a cow to milk but I’m sure there must be a farm somewhere not too far from me that could possible show me how to do it. Come to think about it, do people milk cows anymore? I always see those poor animals hooked up to those milking machines. I always felt like one of this cows when hooked up to my breast pump when the kids where infants. I hated that thing. I hope the cows don’t feel the same way.

3. Take a Disney Cruise – I guess I’ll have to start saving up for this one. I really like Disney and I have heard nothing but good things about their cruises. I’d love to do this with both sides of the family. Eating, drinking, and relaxing in the sun with two life-sized mice. What could be better?

4. Buy a Piano – Another thing I have to save up for. I took piano lessons from the time I was 9 until I was 13. I loved playing but didn’t like my piano teacher vey much. She had a habit of putting her hand in her blouse and playing with one of her breast while she talked. One day a button popped of her blouse and her boob just plopped out! She just kept talking, plopped it back in and carried on. I was out of there within a few weeks.
Now that I am much older I would like to take it up again and I think as long
as the teacher is either a man or wear’s a bra it shouldn’t be as traumatic.

5. Visit Italy – There is something about the Italian language that I just love. I’d love to spend time in Italy, exploring, eating and learning the language. MrLibertyDee and I had been planning a trip to Italy just before I found out I was expecting Baby Girl. Those plans got set aside but I’d still love to go.

6. Go Whale Watching – On a large boat. None of this going out in the water on a dingy and letting the whales push you around. I want to see the whales not be eaten by them.

7. Swim with the Dolphins – I’ll keep this on my list but my brother was recently attacked by a jelly fish and now I’m a bit nervous what lurks under the sea.

8. White Water Rafting – The only problem with this one as that I’ll probably have to go alone because there is no was MtLibertyDee would do this one. He is somewhat water adverse. I had plans to go with my brother but then ended up pregnant with The Plan and it never got rescheduled.

9. Buy a Car – I have a car now and have gone through the purchasing process a few times but it’s always been with my hubby. I want to save up, do the research, walk into a dealer on my own and walk away with my car. Yes I may choose it because I like the colour and it comes with a fancy mirror but it will be mine, mine, mine.

That’s it for now. Sorry I couldn’t make it a nice even 10 but I just can’t think of anything else. In outing this list together I have learned a little bit more about myself:

1. I obviously like animals
2. I obvioulsy like the water
3. I obviously shouldn’t plan any exciting trips or else I’ll end up pregnant.


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