Where’s My Eyebrow?

I am about to reveal something very personal and even a little bit traumatic for me.

I lost my right eyebrow.

Yup. You read that right. My eyebrow just disappeared right from under my nose, (well..not my nose cause if I had a brow under my nose that would be a mustache).
It started last summer when one day after a shower I noticed some of it missing right from the middle of the brow then next thing I know,  all that was left was the little poof by the bridge of my nose. It’s really quite inexplicable as I have had it looked at and  there is no” skin condition” in play  and although I do have hypothyroidism which can cause hair loss this seems unrelated as I am not experiencing hair loss anywhere else.
Part of me thinks this is some kind of karma thing because I was always very proud about the fact I had such lovely eyebrows that were always perfectly groomed without the need for any type of cosmetic intervention.
I was initially quite self conscious about it.  I tried to draw it back in but the only thing worse than two obviously fully drawn in eyebrows is one normal eye brow on one side and then a small poof and a drawn in line on the other. ( it was not a pretty picture)

I considered just removing the left one to at least have some symmetry but I just couldn’t bear to part with my one good brow. I then found a different solution.

I cut my hair and got bangs. Mind you, I had not had bangs since I was 10 but I did It and I thought I looked pretty good. My eldest, The Plan,  didn’t think so. He frequently made comments about how the bangs made me look strange. MrLibertyDee always said the right thing when I asked him about it but I’m not convinced he truly meant it.
I think I have since figured out what happened to the eyebrow. I rubbed it off.I have developed a habit that when I’m thinking or feeling stressed I rub my face and especially the right eyebrow area.  MrLibertyDee was the first to point it out and since becoming aware of it I have caught myself doing it often. I now stop myself and have noticed that my eyebrow has started growing back.

I have started to let my bangs grow out and today was the first day I wore my hair down without my bangs pushed over my forehead. I did still have to draw about 3/4 of the eyebrow in but when The Plan saw me ready for work this morning he said ” I like you better with your hair like that” “Really? “I replied. “Yes you look like a normal mom not like a one eyebrow-ed mom with weird bangs.” Well if that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is.
I’m hoping that my eyebrow is on the road to recovery and that one day when we are all a little older we can reminisce, and the kids can  say something like. “remember that time  your eyebrow fell out?”



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