My Empty Bucket

I don’t have a bucket list. Is that weird? I like to think that I’m living a pretty fullfilling life everyday but now I find there is so much talk of bucket lists that I’m starting to think I should make one. The problem is that I can’t think of anything to put on on it.

We were recently in Atlantic city and MrLibertDee was able to cross off “gambling at at the Trump Taj Mahal” off his list.Β He played five buck at the slots,
lost and left. check. ! For me, yes I had always wanted to go to Atlantic City but I wouldn’t say it’s bucket list worthy.
I would like to take a minute to clarify what I interpret a bucket list to be so that if I am wrong you may help to clarify.

My definition:
When the day comes and I am on my death bed my bucket list represents all those things I wish I would have done in my life. If there is nothing left on the list then I can be at peace that I have lived my life to its fullest and if there are still many things on that list then I will die full of regrets.

Hmmm. So. Here is my conundrum what happens to me? What will I be thinking on my death bed if I don’t have a bucket list? There are definately things I would like to do and places I would like to visit but at the same time there is nothing that stands out as being something I’ve “just got to do” before I die.

Maybe I’m just not thinking out of the box enough or maybe I just like to live life in a wait and see what happens kind of way. Either way, I would be very interested to hear what types of things you have on your bucket list. Maybe it will stir some ideas in my head. Can’t wait to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “My Empty Bucket

  1. I love my bucket list! I did an entire blog dedicated to mine! Spend the night in a haunted place, eat fried ice cream, zip line, see the northern lights. And it’s so much fun crossing them off! Saw Meatloaf in concert, plant a tree, dance in the rain, skydiving! That’s just a sample of my list. And no. I doubt I’ll think of it on my deathbed, my list is more of a reminder to live my life instead of just coasting. To make waves and participate and enjoy the time I have!


  2. My bucket list is always over the rim…… I am only 67 and most things I haven’t done or visited or played or found. My bucket list keep me on going in the morning and make me fall sleep at night waiting for the following morning to continue the quest. I have achieve plenty but when you measure what you have NOT ACHIEVE, then you can see the size and the complexity of your bucket list.


    1. After writing that post I started to write some things down but there’s nothing too life changing in it. Based on the feedback I’ve received I would say its about a 50/50 split between those that have one and those that don’t.


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