I Yelled

Yup. I lasted 10 days and then the yelling started again.
Here is my list of 5 things to avoid if your trying to not yell at your children:

5. Spend 9 hours in a car with them.
4. Buy them gigantic snow cones covered in craze inducing corn syrup.
3. Keep them in a hotel room for most of the day due to rain
2. Take them to the buffet breakfast and expect them not to run around while others are carrying their hot coffees around.
1.Try to balance a 3 year old’s snow cone inside a porta-potty while trying to pull up her pants in. Such a way that it causes that snow cone to fall on your head.

So now that the above lessons have been learned, I will try again.


4 thoughts on “I Yelled

    1. Oh gosh..It’s funny after I snapped i realized I wasn’t going to make it through the whole vacation without yelling. It turns out that the less time I spend with the kids the less likely I am to yell. ( I think that’s bad.)


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