Looking for Some Naughty Adult Entertainment? Try Old Sesame Street

I am guilty of overprotecting my kids but at the same time think the world is going way overboard. Read this great post about how even classic Sesame Street is considered inappropriate for children. I can only hope that one day my son sneaks a Sesame Street DVD into the house.

Field Notes From Fatherhood

SS1969CastYou’re not going to believe this, and in fact I had to look it up myself in order to verify its veracity.

For the DVD release of Sesame Street: Old School – Volume One (1969-1974), the folks at Sesame Workshop felt obliged to slap a warning on it, namely that it was “for adults only” and that it “may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”

“For adults only.” Why were the contents suitable only for grown-ups who wanted to relive their childhood? Why was this television show that had been produced specifically for preschoolers no longer appropriate for them?

Well, for starters, in one episode Gordon takes a lonely little girl by the hand and brings her to his wife, who feeds her cookies. Obviously a dangerous pedophile, and setting a bad example for the youth of today, who, upon being approached by a stranger, should blow…

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