Battle of the GPS

About a year ago my GPS was stolen out of my car as it was parked at the train station for the day. It was one of those times where I should have listened to my gut. I had just gotten on the escalator down to the train when I remembered I had forgotten to put the GPS away. I remember that my. First instinct being to go back and put it away but then decided it would be ok. I was wrong. When I got back at the end of my day, my windown had been smashed and the GPS was gone. AUGHHH! I loved that GPS. I was born directionally challenged and that GPS had given me the freedom to go anywhere I desiredwithout looking like an idiot everytime MrLibertyDee tried to give me directions and I still had no clue where to go. To top it off the windown cost over $300 to replace when the GPS was only worth about $120.
No more than two weeks later we woke up early to leave for a road trip to Boston only to find out that someone had broken in to my husband’s car and stolen his GPS. But let me clarify, they didn’t exactly break in. MrLibertDee had left the doors unlocked so the GPS was simply taken form the car.
We were forced to buy a replacement GPS right away. A few years back we took a relatively short trip where I was asked to navigate with the use of a map. That 3 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive (a friend who was biking there beat us to the hotel) and that trip almost ended our marriage. No joke. It got ugly.

We both have now ended up with different brands of GPS sysytems. I have a Garmin and he a TomTom. It’s become the battle of the GPS where each of us is convinced our respective GPS is the best. MrLibertyDee goes as far as installing his TomTom into my car when he’s driving it.
We too a short trip this past weekend and MrLibertDee decided that this trip was going to put an end the the GPS battle once and for all. There was going to be a clear winner. Here is how he intended to do it :

Garmin vs TomTom

It turns out that although my Garmin can recalculate a route the instant you make a wrong turn, where the TomTom took at least 3 minutes, MrLibertyDee still insists the TomTom is superior (I think it maybe the British accent the GPS that has him hooked) So the battle lives on…..


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