A Fleeting Moment

We are cottage sitting for friends, and drove up on Sunday to spend the day there.  It is about a three hour drive including the “I need to pee” I’m hungry” and “my bum hurts” stops but it’s worth it even for just for a day because it’s an absolutely lovely, quiet place on the water with plenty to keep the kids busy.
Although they had been calling for rain, by the time we got there the weather was just as I like it . The clouds were covering the sun, there was a slight breeze and some how there were no bugs out.
The boys and baby girl had settled in front of the TV to play their favorite X Box game ( yes X Box at the cottage but that’s a whole other post) and Mr.Libertydee was going to take a nap on the couch. I ceased the opportunity and snuck out the back door onto the deck.
I pulled out a chair and sat looking towards the water. There is somehing so peaceful about a body of water. I looked out and just smiled to myself. What a wonderful moment. The stillness, with ony the sound of the birds in the background. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone to take a picyure. An attempt to not just capture the moment but to hold on to it. Here is what I was seeing:


As I was putting the phone back in my pocket, I heard a tap, tap, tap. Must be a woodpecker I thought and I looked up into the trees to try and catch a glimpse. Then Knock, knock, knock. The sound was coming from behind me. Oh NO! A child had found me! They must be at the sliding door behind me. Don’t look back. I told myself. But then…
KNOCK..KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK and a very faint mooommmy!  I was too weak to resist looking back. I turned around to find my baby girl pressed up against the sliding door calling for me.
I’m glad I have taken up blogging because where I normally would have felt frustrated that my tranquility was nothing but a fleeting moment , I can now take the opportunity to snap a picture. Oh well, so much for peace and quite.




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