An Award for Me?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to who nominated my tiny little blog for a Lovey Blog Award.

My Blog is 2 weeks old and the thought that even just one person is reading it and enjoying it is very humbling. Almost makes me feel kinda dumb that it took me almost three years to start writing it.

The rules of the Blog Award are as follows:
1. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
2. Share seven random things about you
3. Pass the award on to seven nominees – see below
4. Thank the person who nominated you – see above
5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs – I’ll do that after I do this

Seven Random Things About Me

  1. I don’t like Lillys. Not the people. The flower.
  2. I have very little attention for detail. If you read through my blog and find a typo plese don’t juge to harshley because I have read and reread it a few times but still I end up finding something a few days later.
  3. I am still a New Kids on the Block fan. I was in the closet about this for years but now I’m out there and loving it!
  4. I don’t like to cook. I’ll cook because I have to feed my family and simply cant afford to eat out everyday for every meal but the moment I have the cash I’m hiring a cook.
  5. I made $100.00 over two years selling t-shirts on line. Doesn’t sound like much but there was no investment so It was a great return.
  6. I can’t sing. I sing. I actually sing a lot but I’m really quite terrible. And not in that I’m just being modest kind of way. I’m really quite bad.
  7. I’m a great driver unless I am going under 10km an hour. I tend to bump into things when I’m going really slow.

one-lovely-blog-scroll_awardMy 7 Nominees – Although my writing style is not quite as eloquent this is the blog that inspires me to write. – I mostly follow mommy blogs but this one is great. – Very Funny. – She provides great usable info on anything to do with social media – She calls them doodles but the pictures are amazing – The pics attached to this blog are so simple but speak a thousand words not sure if I’m breaking the rule by nominating the blog that nominated me but when I read this blog I could swear she’s writing about my toddler.


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