The Hungry Hamper

No matter how many hampers I place in the bedroom, the bathroom or even the hallway will result in clothes being placed inside the hamper. Sure the clothes get close to the hamper. They get to the back of the chair, the foot of the bed , and my personal favorite, on the floor right next to the hamper. But very rarely do they make it inside the hamper.

I would like to present to you three ideas I’m considering  to battle what I like to call Hungry Hamper syndrome.

  1. Neodymium Hampers – This is a hamper made of a very strong type of magnet. I would then sew metal bits into all the seams of the clothes so that when the clothes are taken off and placed anywhere near the hamper. The magnetic force will automatically pull the clothing inside.
  2. Cyclone Floors – This would consist in retrofitting the entire upstairs with vents in the floors that run on sensors. The vent  sensors would activate anytime something weighing less than two pounds hits the floor and cause a powerful gust of air that will lift the clothing right off the floor.
  3. Fructose Fashion– My though here is that if I just make or buy clothing that is made up of some type of sugar then it will just dissolve nightly in the shower eliminating the need for a hamper all together.
empty hamper
The Hungry Hamper

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