I Almost Got Away With It

My three year old has realized that sleeping is just a big waste of time when there is never ending Caillou on Netflix. This has made bed time very challenging.  Last night she refused to put her pajamas on so I decided to “pick my battles” and let her sleep in her T shirt and shorts. This morning, I was running late (as usual) and of course she just wouldn’t wake up. I finally thought to myself, she’s technically dressed so what if it’s the same thing she wore yesterday?  Although I still felt kind guilty that I wouldn’t be changing her my stress level dropped as I now didn’t have to fight her and would probably be able to leave the house in ten minutes or so.

I scooped her up and brought her downstairs, I sat her down at the table as I had picked up some pancakes from McDonalds ( she loves pancakes) on my way back from the gym.  I stepped away for a moment and then heard her saying “mama open..mama open” I looked over and she was waiving the packet of maple syrup over head asking me to open it. But guess what? It was already open and seeping out the sides, down her arm, her shirt and her shorts. AUGHH!

Needless to say, she not only required a change of clothes but a complete wipe down with a wet towel. You don’t realize how sticky that stuff is until you are trying to remove it and trying to catch the train  to work at the same time.

Oh well I almost got away with it.


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