Top 10 Reasons My Job is Making Me Fat

I don’t believe anyone can MAKE you do anything. You always have a choice, especially when it comes to the things you eat. Sometimes, however, those choices are made more difficult by your enviroment.

I have actually gained weight at work in the 2 years I have been back from maternity leave and I think I have finally figured out why!

Here are the top 10 reasons my job is making me fat:

10. When we kick off a new project, we have cake
9. When someone is getting married, we have cake
8. When someone retires, we have cake
7. When someone has a work anniversary, we have cake
6. When the corporation wins an award, we have cake
5. When someone has a baby, we have cake
4. When a project ends, we have cake
3. When there is a department meeting, we have cake
2.When someone leaves the team, we have cake
1. Because I work in HR which is dominated by women and we will make any excuse to eat cake!

Anyone else find they are in a similar work enviroment?


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