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I have been suffering from some very serious “Analysis Paralysis”. It has been at least 9 months since I first started thinking about setting up a WordPress Blog and 3 years since the though of writing a blog first hit me.

Book Cover - Blogging for Dummies
I have been carrying this in my purse and reading it religiously on my commute.

I have joined Facebook groups about blogging, I have made LinkedIn connections for blogging, I have scoured the internet reading other blogs and I have been reading a 700+ page book on blogging. but alas there has been no blog.

It wasn’t until last night that I heard someone talking about the importance of making decisions.  She talked about how the consequences of not making a decision are greater than those of making the decision. The other thing that struck me is that most, if not all, decision are not life or death. So here I am. I’m taking the risk that I will write this blog and no one will ever read it or that someone will say something nasty about it or that it will turn out that I don’t even like writing it. As I sit here writing this however it feels great. Great that I started the ball rolling, great that I have a place to share my thoughts and great that at the end of all this, at a minimum, I’ll be able to say “I used to have a blog”. If that’s the worse that can happen why oh why has this taken me so long?

If you are reading this, I hope you will stay on this journey with me as I make my way through the blogsphere and life in general.


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